RIP 2018 (2018-2018)

It seems like just a year ago we welcomed you into our lives 😭

1SE 2018


Feasted. Took a week off work and thought about moving house again (we didn’t, phew). Welcomed Cameron to Lookahead and then gave notice later the same week. Took Josie on her first ever plane trip. 


Indulged in glorious schadenfreude. Said goodbye to my friends and started my new job, after a ten-week interview process in which I interacted with people only via Slack. (This is completely intentional, and is how I interview and hire people today.) Played a lot of Alto’s Odyssey. Ate some pie.


Went on my first Automattic work trip, to Seoul. Walked up and down a lot of hills, ate a lot of good food, got to know my teammates, got a mysterious and potentially horrifying emergency alert text, met some local wildlife, admired some business names, ate a Crunchwrap. Came home and slept.


Feasted again. Took Alex to Scienceworks for a fun afternoon. Watched some baseball. Eliminated retweets from my Twitter timeline and never looked back.


The most wonderful time of the year. Also, Rails Camp!


RIP, Tony. MEL-HKG-MUC-BEG, nine-hour layover in Munich. On to Belgrade for WordCamp Europe. First WordCamp, first time in Eastern Europe, loved it. BEG-VIE-HKG-MEL, 9-hour layovers in Vienna and Hong Kong on the way back.


Recovered. WordCamp Sydney. Chaperoned 60 first-graders to a children’s farm (shudder). Spent a night on Philip Island.


Deactivated my Twitter. Celebrated birthdays with my girls.


Reactivated Twitter, though not before deleting 85% of my history. Turned 44. Visited the US for the first time in 12 years. Drove an awesome Camaro, visited Kennedy Space Center.


Spent a week with all my work peeps in Orlando, had a fantastic time. They closed Diagon Alley for us ❤️Stopped by Denver on the way home and saw lots of people for the first time in ages. Visited the Sunshine State for WordCamp Brisbane.


More Rails Camp. First visit to Tasmania since I was 2, loved it. Not much else, Rails Camp consumed my life (and Caitlin’s!) most of the month.


Started the Focus Course. MEL-LAX-ORD-BNA. WordCamp US, loved it. Ate both kinds of hot chicken, lots of biscuits and gravy. BNA-IAH-CUN. DevEx meetup in Tulum, minus a Matías (sabbatical) but plus a Cate (six-month rotation). Got lots done, super productive. Good food, cooking class, ziplining, swimming in cenotes, highly recommended. CUN-LAX-MEL, came within four minutes of finding out what happens when you miss your international flight due to customs taking forever 🙄Xmas, family, love. Sleep.



  • Countries visited: 7 – South Korea, Germany, Serbia, Austria, Hong Kong, USA, Mexico (700% increase)
  • Flights: 36 (50% increase)
  • Distance flown: 126,876 km (411% increase)
  • Time in the air: 183 hours (366% increase)
  • Swarm checkins: 1,536 (4% decrease)


  • Minutes: 12,319
  • Top artists: Taylor Swift, Beastie Boys, Green Day, Lake Street Dive, Black Keys


You have read 23 of 70 books in 2018

I will fix this in 2019.


  • Steps: 1,664,622
  • Weight: 12% increase ☹️
  • Average sleep time: 5h 52m
  • Average wake time: 6:26am

This post was made possible by Exist, Google Timeline, Google Photos, Swarm and (what remains of) my Twitter history compensating for my woeful memory.

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I hire software developers for Automattic. Developer, gadget enthusiast, dad. Approximately 33% coffee by volume.

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