An infrequently-updated list of things I’m into at the moment

Updated: July 28, 2022


Currently reading: Private Practices, the second in Stephen White’s Alan Gregory series (most of which are set in Boulder). Also Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart.

Recently finished: Re-read The Boys after watching season 3.

Up next: More Alan Gregory, The Four Agreements, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?


New Black Keys, lots of Silversun Pickups.


Top Chef Portland, daily Jeopardy! (Ken for permanent host!), Westworld season 4.

Eating & Drinking

Miso fries and karaage chicken at Kissaten. ALL the La Croix.


/images/IMG_3652.PNG /images/IMG_3653.PNG

The new custom homescreens in iOS 16 are super nice - I like the live weather one. Widget-wise, I’ve got a stack with various weather info (the stock Apple weather app in iOS 16 is similarly much improved) as well as a countdown widget and a shopping list, using Reminders.