An infrequently-updated list of things I’m into at the moment


In progress: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, A Beginning At The End.
Recently finished: A Dream About Lightning Bugs, Pattern Recognition, Agency.
Up next: The Peripheral, Deep Work.


New Green Day, Beasties, old Foos, Abba.


Picard, obviously. Bingeing Schitt’s Creek, which is hilarious. Recent Friday movie nights with the kids: Princess Bride, Grease (with a stern disclaimer about not changing who you are to please others), Blues Brothers (more swearing than I remembered 😳), and School of Rock.

Eating & Drinking

Doing a lot of 18:6, skipping dinner. Brioche choc-chip hot cross buns are my weakness right now.


Not a lot of a) travel or b) acquiring things in my near future, so not much to report on this front. We did temporarily acquire a cat, though:


The lockscreen is a pic from Juno that shows a dolphin on Jupiter, and the homescreen is a blurred photo from Vellum.