An infrequently-updated list of things I’m into at the moment

Updated: August 18, 2021


Currently reading: A Promised Land, Eye of the World (again).

Recently finished: Dune.

Up next: The other 13 Wheel of Time books in preparation for the new Amazon series.


Been listening to this playlist of tracks from the Sampling episode of Watch the Sound a lot. Rediscovering the treasure trove of moody 90s trip-hop that was La Femme Nikita.


Finished Mr. Inbetween which was fantastic. Ted Lasso, of course. Watching The Office from start to finish with the kiddos. Trying to find time for The Suicide Squad but it’s not very kid-friendly.

Eating & Drinking

Still no luck in getting to Cinnabon at Southland, especially not during lockdown. Digging Hawkesbury’s Prohibition Pale Ale quite a bit, also loving that my local Dan’s now has a dedicated AF beer section.


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