An infrequently-updated list of things I’m into at the moment

Books (Goodreads)

In progress: A Dream About Lightning Bugs.

Recently finished: The Body, One Day, Super Pumped, Midnight In Chernobyl.

Up next: Deep Work.


Enjoying the Booksmart soundtrack (also a fantastic flick, if you haven’t seen it). Lots of 80s hip hop lately too.

Food and Drink

Been making lots of stuff in the Thermomix – even old staples like spaghetti bolognese and pancakes are much improved.


Got my new 16″ MBP, which is very nice. Got my eye on a few things aimed at minimising my load-out while travelling:

Also looking for recommendations for a good travel pillow that folds down significantly more than my current one.


New iPhone 11 Pro in space grey. The wallpaper is a photo I took at Changi (on my way to Da Nang) in December 2019, during a thunderstorm.

last updated December 28th, 2019