Rails Camps are one of my favourite things, which explains why this most recent one was my seventh in three-ish years, and the second I’ve co-organised.

There’s just something about getting away from civilisation, spending some time with good humans, hacking away on a project, and playing Werewolf all night.

This time around I even gave a talk, which was received well enough that I’m going to give it some polish and see what happens.

Ruby Australia has its general meeting and elections at Rails Camps, and this one marked the end of my tenure as President. I wish the new committee all the best and know they’ll do an amazing job.

And now, to sleep.


Tortuga Backpacks

I’ve been shopping around for a new travel bag, and I’d pretty much decided on the Tortuga Setout Backpack… then I read this article and was definitely sold:

Tortuga’s team is distributed, meaning that everyone sets their own hours and chooses where to live and work. In effect, that means that as long as they have access to Wi-Fi, Team Tortuga can travel nonstop.

Hey, that sounds familiar 😄

Now the only question is whether I can get it before the Grand Meetup in late September. Living in Australia is great until you need to buy things on the internet 😭

👋 Twitter

To paraphrase this article, it’s far less likely that future society will be reading my tweets to gain insight into who I was than it is that some asshole will trawl through my Twitter feed to find some tweet where I sounded like a jerk. So I’ve deleted about 63,000 tweets, leaving only the last 12 months, and every month I’ll delete another 30 days worth.

I’m not leaving Twitter just yet, but it won’t be such a big deal anymore if I have to.


edit: I left.

edit2: And then Alex Jones was asked to leave, and I went back.