RIP 2019 (2019-2019)

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.




New year, new car, new nephew.


First day of school!
RubyConf organisers
Hey, that’s us!
Bangkok street scene
Unimpressed cat is unimpressed

I have questions, but I wish I’d bought them
mmm, Bonchon chicken

Josie started grade 2, Alex started foundation – peace and quiet in the house six hours a day, five days a week. Co-organised RubyConf AU 2019, along with Pat, Caitlin, Sam, Phil and Sharon. Spoke at WordCamp Bangkok, fell in love with Bonchon chicken, ate Bangkok’s best tom yum, went to a cat cafe.


As close as I got to the Burj
Giant vajra in the hotel courtyard
Dharmadahatu stupa
Kathmandu cat
Speaker badge
View of the Kathmandu Valley from Swayambhunath, AKA the Monkey Temple

Spoke at WordCamp Cebu, hung out in Hong Kong a little on the way back but didn’t have time to do much. Saw Captain Marvel. Spoke at WordCamp Kathmandu, visited some temples, narrowly avoided being mugged and/or ripped off twice.


Great photo by Anne 🙂
Red velvet waffles - Phuket’s dessert game was on point

Old Town Phuket
Phuket cat (small)
Phuket cat (large)

This one got a little frisky 😳
Saling with the team

Team meetup in Phuket. Lots of work, but also hung out with tigers and went sailing. Spent the day in Singapore on the way back, saw Avengers Endgame, did some shopping.


I’m seein' double - four Krustys!

Eurovision! (Joel and Myf are the worst – sadly, SBS did not find new hosts for 2020.) Federal election, in which the schadenfreude of seeing Tony Abbott defeated was diminished by Bill Shorten losing an unloseable election. The girls and I did a portrait photography class at the Apple Store.


I love Mustangs ♥️
Rafting on Clear Creek
Great view from North Boulder Park
The old crew
Coors Field
The happy couple ♥️

Two weeks in CO for Rob and Beth’s wedding ❤️ Drove a Mustang around, visited old haunts, went to a Rockies game, caught up with many old friends, went whitewater rafting. So grateful to Brie and Charlie for the hospitality!


Pippa ♥️

Rare month without travel. Josie discovered she likes climbing. Signed a lease for our new house in Yarra Bend – a massive improvement on our old shoebox. Met Pippa 😍


A lovely occasion with lovely people

Moved house – never, ever again. Attended Josie’s concert, in which she had a lead role. Had a hand in some research we published at work. Visited Brisbane for Caitlin and Geoffrey’s wedding ❤️


Scarlett has picked out her spot in the new house.


Not a bad view
This thing utterly defeated me
Just me and 806 of my colleagues
Great custom artwork
At the closing party

Automattic’s Grand Meetup was in Orlando again, this time during my 45th birthday.


We had a giant LiteBrite!
Supreme Court
Best waffles EVER
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
The Challenger…
… and Columbia Memorials
Awesome BBQ at Sugarfire in St Louis
Nosebleed seats for Blues vs Wild
The elevators in the Arch are tiny
I just liked the symmetry of this shot
Going up!

Back to the US for the third time this year. Spent a lot of the month in Washington, DC (phpworld) and St Louis (WordCamp US). Did quite a bit of exploring in DC, but did not get to the Air & Space Museum or the Udvar-Hazy Center. Went to the top of the Gateway Arch in St Louis and took in a Blues game – the Enterprise Center is an amazing fan experience. Many excellent carbs.


Goodnight, sweet girl 💔

Back home. Visit with my folks, in part to say goodbye to Baillie 😢


Not a bad view
Better weather than Melbourne, at least
Xmas Eve tradition

Frozen 2 with the girls, team meetup in Da Nang, Xmas with family and a sorely needed break to hang out and do nothing for once. Finished the year with Star Wars and said goodbye to 2019 with all the respect it deserved.



  • Countries visited: 6 – Thailand (twice), Philippines, Nepal, Singapore (twice), US (three times), Vietnam (⬇️ 14%)
  • Flights: 37 (⬆️ 3%)
  • Distance flown: 192,729 km (⬆️ 42%)
  • Time in the air: 249 hours (⬆️ 36%)
  • Swarm checkins: 1,331 (⬇️ 14%)
  • 🆕 Swarm mayorships: 60 (⬆️ 5%)
  • 🆕 Status: Premier Platinum with United 🎉


  • Minutes: 11,293 (⬇️ 8%)
  • Top artists: Taylor Swift, Blackpink 🆕, Beastie Boys, Silversun Pickups, Blood Red Shoes


You have read 80 of 40 books in 2019. –

This was mostly due to Kindle Unlimited being linked to Goodreads. The best things I read this year were probably Midnight in Chernobyl and Bad Blood.

2020’s goal is 100 books.


  • Steps: 1,380,795 (⬇️ 17% – largely due to working from home)
  • Weight: ⬆️ 10% 😭
  • Sleep stats were not tracked consistently as I can no longer wear my Apple Watch 🙁

This post was made possible by Google Timeline, Google Photos, Swarm and (what remains of) my Twitter history compensating for my woeful memory.