RIP 2021 (2021-2021)



Got myself an e-bike, loved it. (Unfortunately due to lack of work I ended up having to sell it a month later.) Obsessed about Queen’s Gambit, made some Bernie memes - much like 99% of the English-speaking world.


Oh good, more lockdown! (Luckily only five days this time.) WandaVision was awesome.


Started working for ANZ, in what I was initially told was a permanent role and then at offer time became a 12-month fixed-term contract. Biggest company by far I have ever worked for, with some lovely people, but it made me realise how much I love the pace and the ability to have impact that you get in a startup environment. Accompanied my eldest on a school camp, which was fun, but two days with 50 fourth graders is a lot.


This aged so well I am now legally prohibited from making predictions.


Went to a Vixens game, enjoyed Eurovision. Melbourne got a wee bit complacent about our “consecutive days with no COVID cases” streak, which ended on May 10th after 72 “donut days”. Lockdown number 4 started late in the month and ran into June - back to home schooling 😭


Loki! It rained a lot. Not much else happened.


Fifth lockdown, this one for two weeks. Got vaxed.


Started a new job with Linktree - much more my speed. Moved house yet again. Sixth lockdown started.


I turned 47 but felt 94. Sixth lockdown continued all month.


Sixth lockdown finally ended on the 22nd, marking 260+ days in lockdown - the most of any city in the world. We were still under a ton of restrictions, but those were later lifted once we crossed the 90% fully-vaccinated mark (despite the best efforts of dickhead protestors spreading the goddamn virus) and anyway the kids were back in school, so 🥂


Observed turkey day. First rumblings of Omicron.


Survived the year, barely. Last year I said:

2021, when we say that there is no possible way that you could be worse than 2020, that is not a challenge. Just… please give us a break. We’re all exhausted.

That goes triple for 2022. You win, okay? We’ll just sit quietly and behave.



  • Countries visited: 0 (-)
  • Flights: 0 (-)
  • Distance flown: 0 km (-)
  • Time in the air: 0 hours (-)
  • Swarm checkins: 305 (⬇️ 27%)
  • Swarm mayorships: 70 (⬆️ 46%)
  • Status: Premier Platinum with United through January, then down to shameful Silver 😭


  • Minutes: 5,982 (⬆️ 40%)
  • Top artists: Taylor Swift, Gimme Gimmes 🆕, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Blackpink 🆕


I read 18 books last year according to the StoryGraph, but I don’t think I was very vigilant about recording what I read. Also, more than half of that came in the last eight weeks of the year as I tore my way through books 2 to 13 of the Wheel of Time.


  • Steps: 1,297,210 (⬆️ 58%)
  • Weight: ⬆️ 5% 😡
  • Average sleep time: 6h 23 min


  • Days unemployed: 15 (⬇️ 93%)
  • Days in contract work: 199 (⬆️ 231%)
  • Days in permanent employment: 151 (⬆️ 302%)

This post was made possible by Google Timeline, Google Photos, Swarm and my Twitter history compensating for my woeful memory.